Of cinema and other drugs…

“May the (Tri)Force be with you…”

Ok, so I found this fake trailer the other day, while doing nothing over at YouTube, for a Legend of Zelda film, which happened to be an April Fool’s joke for last year, back in, you guessed it, April. But beyond it being crappy, I found it to be a really decent trailer for an obviously non-existing and definitely not-in-the-works film, based on the famous and popular Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda videogames, and I’d say especially on the one which has been the most critically acclaimed and loved, Ocarina of Time (1998). I simply love that game, and almost every person that considers himself/herself to be an avid videogamer can agree with me, and we could go on to say it’s probably the greatest videogame ever made, and if it’s not (which is totally arguable), then it’s pretty much near the top. Ever since I finished the game for the first time in my life, I wondered and imagined how awesome it would be if they made an adaptation, a faithful film-adaptation out of it and I fell in love with the idea. I’m sure I wasn’t the first one who ever thought of that though, and there’s definitely this huge fan-base that could support the idea, as long as the supposed adaptation kept the spirit of the game. Of course this would mean an enormous effort from Hollywood at pulling off an extraordinary film out from an extraordinary game, and they are best known for making awful adaptations and sometimes they doesn’t really turn to be profitable for them, with the exception of the Resident Evil franchise especially, which is going for a fourth installment by early 2011, and it’s planned in 3D too. So, we’ll have blood scattered everywhere in front of our faces. Nice.

But really, this whole idea of seeing a Legend of Zelda film just bumps the geek out of me. It could go along the lines of The Lord of The Rings being a massive-in-scale epic fantasy adventure with loads of great characters, big awesome monsters, but also an emotional and endearing story. It has this engaging hero, a beautiful and strong leading lady, and of course, a badass evil villain. They could even make a sequel based on Twilight Princess (2006), if the first one meets expectations. Heck, it could win tons of awards and be praised just as its console counterpart. But it could also fail and be remembered just as an example of how Hollywood destroyed a lifetime jewel…….. Anyways, it doesn’t matter, enough rant, just jump see the trailer below.

Awesome, isn’t it? If it were a real adaptation, I’d definitely buy it for the looks. I don’t know how they did this, but the guys from IGN should be rewarded in some way by Nintendo. Of course there are scenes that just don’t look good, mostly the Ganondorf ones, but hey, it’s not an actual film, and I would shoot myself if it was, but at least it looks better than Uwe Boll’s atrocities. I’d say you pay attention at 0:57, 2:03 and 2:10 just as an example of the great work done here. It’s got nods too, the Temple of Time, the famous character’s clothes, the horse Epona, the Master Sword (although in a forest, strangely), and the little tune at the very beginning. What I don’t like is the people they used for the three main characters, but… whatever. Oh, and it seems that Link acquires the Triforce, instead of possessing it since childhood, but then again, they don’t really seem to feature his childhood in there, don’t you think?

I swear if this movie doesn’t get made by the middle of the century or so, I’ll do it myself. 🙂 Actually, besides it I’d love to see films for Halo, Metal Gear Solid and Metroid. Have a say in the comments guys!



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